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poem - to be different is a blessing [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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poem [Jan. 21st, 2005|09:41 pm]
[what i feel in my soul |angryangry]
[what i hear in my head |DMX]

so i finished the autobiography of DMX in like 3days, it was really good and jus made me like him even more. He's one of my favorite rappers. DMX is the only rapper who i can jus vibe to on that tip like "damn ppl r fake" or "y do good ppl gotta experiance bad things" he jus hits me on a deeper level than most rappers. Em hits me deep when i got family problems and im mad at the world, nas hits me when im jus thinkin on societal issues, pac hits me like "im so glad my parents got out the hood so i can experiance the better things, so i can make a difference". But X, he jus takes me to a whole nother level. So after finishing the book i was sittin in class thinkin about the day2 day bullshit i deal with at lahser and i wrote this RAW ass poem....if u not feelin it or WHATEVER u think about it or about me writing it u can let me kno, u can let me kno if u dont understand....i jus wanna kno....jus gimme REAL comments. Gracias mi amigos
I try to see the world throught eyes unclouded
Try not to judge; live and let live, dont make ppl feel crowded

Yet niggas still wanna test me, still tryin ta get a rise
They push me 2 say "FUCK IT!" and jus roll my eyes
Dont like these niggas so their words jus add to my demise

They dont give a fuck about me, so why am i alwayz on their minds
They keep tryin to b in mines like theres somethin to find, yet they never just ask whats on my mind

Its cool tho, they dont wanna hear what i gotta say noway
"heard yo girls a ho, you cant do no betta?"
"as much bread u got and braggin u do, whats good wit that old ass sweater"

"Why you still talkin shit, you kno u jus got jumped.
Aint do shit about it niether, you fuckin chump."

"So u think im a snitch? Aint gotta explain myself,
cuz ALL yall hated on that ho ass bitch"

"oh u think im gay nigga, what u wanna see me kiss a chick?
How bout this: u can jus suck my dick"

See it really aint shit to me
When i got more balls than half tha niggas that surround me
And they cant even handle me jus sayin what i see

So i keep to myself, keep the drama on low
But somebody alwayz gotta step up and put on a show

"Why tha fuck u in my face nigga, u kno we aint friends"

[Bruce]"oh u blazin? Lemme bring this to an end"

"naw, lemme do that 4 u...i dont kno you, dont like u, if i was a nigga id prolly fight u.
Stomp yo chest in so i aint have 2 hear u speak, and wouldnt feel bad cuz u aint shit 2 me.
The plan was to bring it to an end, so thats what imma do
and all i need to say is FUCK U"

I leave niggas burnt by the shit i say
But i stay real, spittin fire in they face

Its not that im not friendly, they jus push me 2 my limit
Then my smile fades and i gotta flip shit

Even wit my baby face, theres still a dog inside and she aint nuthin nice
The bitch in me dont hesitate to bite
So dont step to me like u might wanna fight
Cuz unsure niggas get ate quick, like minute rice
So yea im a hostile teen and i can accept that, but im sweet to those who r sweet to me and im still the big kid that most ppl kno and love, the kid's jus been thru some shit, thats all

[User Picture]From: jnabweezie
2005-01-25 01:49 am (UTC)
angry teen? How about you need to go to my therapist... Just kiddin. It is really cool that you know how to out your feelings out on paper...which is more than what I could do... that is why i spent a week in detox...Im proud of you... that wa really touching, but who were you talking about...call me
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